La Jardin Secret is adjacent to the village of Saint Julien d’Eymet in the Dordogne, in the canton of Eymet. The main Bergerac - Mont de Marsan road crosses the town. It lies between the small valleys of the Lescouroux, whose source is in the commune, and the Roussillon, which forms the boundary with Razac d’Eymet.

The village hangs on the side of a hill. It is charming, with its Romanesque church and its old residences that have the patina of time.
Mixed farming, vineyards, grains and breeding are the town’s main economic resources. The town’s surface area is 581 hectares and there are 113 inhabitants. It is located in a green, calm, peaceful region, dotted here and there with shady groves.

In the Middle Ages, the region of Eymet was divided into Benefices belonging to the monasteries or abbeys destroyed by barbarians. Priories were created in their place. Charters were established between the priories and the peasants.
Saint Julien was a priory, called Sancti-Julian.
The dwellings grouped together around the priory to form a small community

The Church - Vaulted Romanesque church with Gothic diagonal ribs. The avant chœur is decorated with a lovely cupola on pendentives. It succeeded a priory of which there remains only a Gothic door.
The town is located on The Way of St James.
The church is being restored.

The manor of Font-Juliane is a 17th century building.

Panoramic View
From the site of the former windmill at Tuilière, the view encompasses a wonderful panorama over the Dropt valley, and beyond, as far as the Mill of the Virgin at Monbahus.

the information on this page is reproduced from Pays de Bergerac